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2014 Kia Soul Plus

9,922 Miles

2005 Chevrolet Tahoe 4WD

76,894 Miles

It's time to spruce up your ride with some mechanical

Spring cleaning!


OR trade your vehicle in on a "new to you" car or truck

for a fresh start.


Winter has been hard on our cars. Beyond the salt and cold temperatures taking their toll on a car's body and battery, an occasional fender bender due to icy roads can result in dents and dings, or worse.  We have the resources and connections to help you with everything from tires to body work, dent removal to detailing.  Please give us a call for all your car care needs...we will do our best to help you or set you up with someone we know and trust. 


Bring your car in for a FREE trade-in evaluation


Dave Campbell will use all his tools, knowledge and experience to give you an honest evaluation of your vehicle and an accurate trade in value.  Should you be thinking about buying, selling, or trading -Campbell's Auto Sport, Inc. is a great place to start.


Bring your car in for a FREE 24-point inspection


Want to nip potential problems in the bud? (Spring lingo :) Our auto technician, Brad, will look your vehicle over from front to's what he will check:


  • Exterior - wipers, mirrors, lights
  • Battery - cables, clamps, charge
  • Belts/Pulleys - alternator, A/C, power steering, water pump, air pump, belts & belt tensioners
  • Hoses - radiator, heater, power steering, transmission, coolant, vacuum, and fuel hoses under the hood, checking for cracks/leaks
  • Fluid levels - oil, transmission,power steering, clutch, washer, coolant
  • Additionally;  air filters, cooling fans, brakes, tires (pressure & tread depth) will be checked.


There is no down side here...did I mention this inspection is FREE?


You will receive an inspection report and can schedule any/all recommended repairs to be done here with us, if you choose.  We have one of the lowest shop rates in Ozaukee county and would love to have your business. 


Spring Special

New Customers - 24 point inspection + 10% discount on labor for all work done in March/April.


For our loyal, regular customers (you know who you are) - Thank You!

You receive the Spring Special  above

PLUS a 15% discount on parts for brake work done in March/April...ask us about it!











Find Your Next Vehicle

Monday - Thursday: 10am - 8pm
Friday: 10am - 8pm
Saturday: 10am - 4pm


Please let us know if you need to come in earlier or later. We can make accomodations for your schedule!



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